Government Confirms Funding for EU Students for 2018 to 2019
EU students applying to university in the 2018 to 2019 academic year will continue to remain eligible for financial support, it has been announced.
Government to Launch ‘T Levels’ to Revolutionise Post-Secondary Technical Education
New awards are designed to place technical education in the same esteem as A levels.
Record number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students at England’s Universities
Figures reveal a particularly large rise in the number of postgraduate students, bolstered by the introduction of postgraduate loans in June 2016.
UCAS Reveals a 7% Decline in Applications from EU Students
Figures also indicate a sharp fall in applications from mature students and those studying nursing.
Government Aims to Establish ‘Credible Alternative’ to University
Government's Industrial Strategy provides funding for new institutes for school leavers designed to address the nation’s skills shortage.
UK Falls Behind Canada in Survey of Most Desirable Places to Study
Study suggests Brexit largely to blame for UK’s slip in the rankings, although the US has fallen further.
Decline in International Student Numbers in UK
Large rise in number of Chinese students masks sharp fall in number of students coming from India.
One in Four Graduates Gaining First Class Degrees
Record numbers of undergraduates are leaving university with highest grades, but employers may be less reliant on degree classification.